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Cinco Ranch Roofers FAQs

Question: A storm damaged my roof. Will my insurance pay to replace it?

Answer: Storm damage is typically covered by insurance policies. However, whether the insurance company authorizes a full or partial replacement or roof repairs remains to be seen. Much depends on the extent of the damage.

Question: How much will I have to pay for roof repairs?

Answer: That depends on the nature and extent of the repairs as well as the type of roofing materials needed. In addition, if your insurance company is involved, you may only be responsible for paying your insurance deductible.

Question: I’m considering buying a new home in Cinco Ranch. Roofers have already told me that the house needs extensive roof repairs. Should I keep looking?

Answer: We offer a roof inspection service where you can get an impartial opinion as well as a written estimate. By having the roof inspected, not only will you know the extent of the damage and how much it will cost to remediate, you will also have a document that could be used when negotiating the purchase of the home. Many of our clients have successfully convinced home sellers to replace the roof, make the necessary repairs, or reduce the selling price.